The Worlds Smallest Dog

Wants to see the worlds smallest dog?

This planet has its extremes. Extreme heights, extreme depths, ferocious animals, incredible animals, huge animals, but very rarely do you think of a tiny little animal as extreme.

Well this little Chihuahua from Florida is pretty extreme. Extreme in a different sense of the word, she is extremely small.  In fact she is the worlds smallest dog.

Meet the world’s smallest dog. Her name is Heaven Sent Brandy and she is a whopping 6 inches long from tip of nose to tip of tail.



worlds smallest dog 3 The Worlds Smallest Dog

Not all impressive animals need to be large, aggressive or even interesting. This little dog is pretty impressive because you can hold her in one hand.

She is nearly one third the size of most new born babies, and most cats reach her size in just a few short months.

Special leashes, beds and even dog clothes need to be made for such a tiny little doggy.

smallest dog 2 slid 423755a The Worlds Smallest Dog

smalldog The Worlds Smallest Dog

worlds smallest dog 2 The Worlds Smallest Dog

Most people assume that because she is such a small little animal she is still a puppy but she is not. She is a full grown Chihuahua.

It is no wonder that the worlds smallest dog is a Chihuahua. The Chihuahua is one of the smallest breeds of dogs. The size, or lack
thereof, of this little dog has made it a very popular pet for many people to own.

Even movie stars have been seen carrying these pretty little dogs around, usually in purses. Chihuahua’s make wonderful pets and you can walk them
just like a big dog. Being a little dog they can tend to be yappy dogs. Even though they are small little dogs their bark can pack a punch. This trait comes from their parents so be sure to know if their parents are loud barkers or not.

If you plan on keeping a Chihuahua be sure you do your research and learn all you can about these wonderful little creatures to be sure you have a
good place to keep them. But do not expect to get such a small little dog every time. Chihuahuas are usually about 8-10 inches, and live to be
around 15 years old (human years).

Paulette Keller is the lucky owner of this world record little dog and they both live happily in Largo Florida, a great place for a little dog to live, but watch out for the crocs.

About the author: Ben loves dogs and is an avid dog owner. His smallest dog is 120 pounds and 8 years old, named Maximus. Ben usually saves money from using 1800Petmeds Coupon Codes at the 1800Petmeds retailer. Taking care of dogs can cost quite a bit of money so using coupons is a great way to cut back on expenses.

The bigger the dog, the more costly it becomes.

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  1. Cute dogs! The savings of having this small of a dog probably goes into actually buying it! These dogs cost a great deal of money

  2. Rebecca Perry-Piper 30. Mar, 2012 at 2:46 pm

    I have a teacup chihuahua that is very small and would like to compare her proportions to Heaven Sent Brandy’s. I would like to know how much Heaven Sent Brandy weights. Does Heaven Sent Brandy have a website or e-mail address for posing this question to Paulette Keller?

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