The World’s Biggest Dogs

Here you will find a gallery of the worlds biggest dogs.  Every year there are millions of puppies born, some grow to be small, some grow to be big big and then there are those that grow to be Huge.  In the past decade, there have been a fair few dogs that have been labelled as the Worlds biggest dogs.

To take the crown of one the worlds biggest dog all depends on how you determine “biggest”.   Does it mean the “tallest”? Does it mean the “heaviest”?   In the Guinness World Records book, they break it down into individual categories. For this very reason…

The World’s biggest living Dog though is a dog called Hercules, an English Mastiff who weighs 282 pounds and has a 38-inch neck.   He is owned by J. Flynn of Peabody, Massachusetts.  This dog weighs more than his owner does, and the owner is no lightweight at 270 pounds.


Hercules was recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records in June, 2001 after a friend noticed a large Mastiff in the Guinness Book and thought it was Hercules. After calling the organization, Flynn discovered that the previous winner (a 296-pound mastiff) was deceased, making Hercules the new worlds biggest dog.


You will find a picture of Hercules below with his owners.  (He’s nearly as big as the horse).  You will also find more pictures below some more of the worlds biggest dogs.   Enjoy, and if you like this post then don’t forget to share it with the ‘share’ button below the pictures.


  big dogs02 The Worlds Biggest Dogs big dogs03 The Worlds Biggest Dogs

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  1. Where are these dogs. I WANT ONE

  2. can this be true

  3. Whats the second dog called ? I wanna buy one! hahaa

  4. Second one looks like a Leonberger with that darker colored face.

  5. the second dog looks like a sarplaninac.

  6. Dayumm!


  8. Frank Winters 26. Jun, 2012 at 1:18 pm

    I’m the guy in the photo with the wolfhound standing up on him, I’m the one on the right. Im 6ft 1ins, The dog was Brendan and he had the sweetest temperament imaginable.

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