Should You Get a Doberman as a Pet?

The Doberman breed of dogs has a reputation for being very intelligent and loyal to their masters. They were originally bred in Germany more than one hundred years ago to work as guard dogs and the breed quickly became very popular.  Today they are used in fields where bravery, strength, and intelligence are an asset, such as police work.  Despite their reputation for aggressive behaviour, these dogs are very gentle and protective towards their family.

Doberman5 Should You Get a Doberman as a Pet?You should not get a Doberman unless you are prepared to spend a lot of time training it and playing with it.  Dobermans are very strong, and they require a lot of exercise. These dogs appreciate human attention and they will be very loyal to their masters. However, because they were bred to be body guards, they can be quite aggressive towards strangers.

Dobermans are not really well suited to apartment dwelling because they need a lot of exercise. These dogs are quite sensitive to the cold and they will not do well if they are left outside in winter.

If you buy your dog as a puppy, be sure that he comes from a reputable breeder.  A Doberman that is acquired as a puppy will soon grow up to be a strong, intelligent dog.  You should start obedience training with a Doberman quite early so that he is easy to control as he grows up. It is particularly important when raising a Doberman that the human takes the dominant role in the relationship.

Doberman2 Should You Get a Doberman as a Pet?The Doberman naturally has floppy ears, but in North America the ears are often surgically cropped when the puppy is between 7 to 9 weeks old.  After the dog has passed the age of nine weeks, it can be dangerous to do this surgery.  This procedure gives the dog an alert look and it helps it to locate the source of sounds in the environment. Cropping the ears should only be done by an expert.  The ears will need to be taped in position for several weeks after cropping until the cartilage is able to support the new position.

Despite the image many people have of the Doberman as a ferocious and uncontrollable dog, the reality is that this dog can make a wonderful addition to the family, provided that it is well trained.

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