Most Powerful Dog in The World

Since you guys love our list about The Worlds 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds, we decide to make new list about the Most Powerful Dog in the World.

We must say that There’s NO “most powerful dog breeds”. All breeds have different ability’s they where bred for such as:

Boxers where used to fight Bulls
South African Bordebel where used to hunt Lions
St Bernard’s used to rescue people
Siberian Huskies as sled pullers
German Shepard’s as guards
Collies as herders

No dog is better then the next they all serve they’re purpose as a worker a help and a friend…

Anyway, we showing you some of the best from their categories

Most Powerful Dog to Pull:  Siberian Husky (Check Husky Sled Photos)

1 most powerful dog world Most Powerful Dog in The World

Most powerful in muscle strength: Mastiffs

2 most powerful dog world Most Powerful Dog in The World

Most powerful bite in jaw:  Rottweiler

big rottweiler Most Powerful Dog in The World

Most Powerful hunter Dog: Rhodesian Ridgeback

The Lion Hunter Dog

3 most powerful dog world Most Powerful Dog in The World

Honorable Mention: Saint Bernard

saint bernard wallpaper Most Powerful Dog in The World

There are a many more strong and powerful breeds like American Bulldog, or Cane Corso, but this was our choose…if you have your favorite, let us know bellow in comments

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12 Responses to “Most Powerful Dog in The World”

  1. Greater swiss mountian dog! nuf said, out!

  2. I am a dog breeder and i know that the alsatian has got the most powerful bite.

  3. what about chow chow!

  4. i think alsatian is the best and the most powerfull

  5. Hiiiiii,
    I have a rottweiler,Neapolitan mastiff and bull dogs.I think all of them are most powerful.

  6. I thought the American Bulldog had the most powerful bite?? I saw something about that on tv

  7. i think that you didn’t see “Kangal”(Turkish Do?)

  8. The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is the most powerful dog in the world it will rip any other dog apart and even 2 of them, and they are over protective of its owner, but are excellent in temperament for the owner and totally loyal, but needs serious amount of time to train when pup.

  9. I agree with jin the Caucasian Sheperd dog is a very powerful dog, but more so they are more than protective and if you are thinking about buying one you should know exactly what you are doing, all these dogs are for is forceful protection, and if not raised by a experienced handler, you could have a killer on your hands.
    The dog weight is well over 200lb with 3 inch teeth, and are very dangerous in the 1 to 2 yr old stage, and need attention daily and handlers who know what they are doing, these dogs are not for the weak are timid if they have the idea they are the alfa in the pack it could turn on the owner and maul them to death, but are the ultament protective animal…………

  10. I agree with Jin partially. The most powerfull dog in the world is ‘Karabash’ or ‘kurdish kangal’.. They are the most ferocious among all breeds with BITE FORCE OF 725.. the highest.. they are the most dangerous of all dogs. then comes the caucasians.

  11. Your wrong about the Alsatian . I think it’s either the Pitbull or the Kurdish Kangal.

  12. What about the amercan pitbull terrier who holds the record for the most weight pulled at 10,000lbs in the iron dog competition

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