Best Dogs for Children

Dogs are known to be the best friends you can ever have in the form of pets.  Take a look here at which are the best dogs for children.

When you have a child in the house, it’s always great to have a dog!  Of course when you are looking for the best dogs for children, some breeds will adapt very well around kids compared to others.  Having dogs when you have toddlers in the house gives your kids safety as well as bringing lots of fun and play to your household! Dogs usually love kids and treat them just like their own and are usually much more affectionate and caring towards them, than their owners.

Of course the whole point of having a family dog, is to give the family a sense of security, some fun and even a bit of exercise on daily walks, and in turn, owners give their dogs a loving home to stay in. Find out which are the best dogs for children below.

Best Dogs for Children and Families

dogs kids 2 Best Dogs for Children

dogs kids 3 Best Dogs for Children

There are a few characteristics which these types of dogs should have, to be around children. Having a dog when you have toddlers around is a fun thing, but you also have to take care of them in many ways. You have to make sure, the dog breeds are not violent, aggressive or rough around the children, as this of course can be harmful.

It is also better to ensure that the dog’s shedding habits around the kitchen and the kids, (since, kids need very hygienic conditions in the earlier years) are kept to the garden. Given below are a few names of the best dogs for kids, so have a look which one you might prefer the best and I do hope that it will help you choose the perfect dog for many years to come..  Also feel free to comment at the bottom….

Golden and Labrador Retriever:

dogs kids 1 Best Dogs for Children

Labrador Retrievers are very attractive and look very adorable. They are usually great with kids and have a pleasant personality around families.  They enjoy playing and love walks.  An ideal family dog and just one of the best dog breeds for children you could have…  As Labradors are very affectionate and also intelligent they can also be one of the best dogs for children with autism too.   But that’s not all..  We also have….

Bichon Frise:

dogs kids 4 Best Dogs for Children

These little dogs could be mistook for cotton balls, as they are tiny and soft. Bichon Frises love to play and are very active around babies.  Another one to consider when looking for the best dogs for kids..


dogs kids 5 Best Dogs for Children

These dogs are just like Retrievers, only smaller in size and kinda cuter to look at.  Beagles are friendly and loving in nature and are very suitable for little children. They respond very well to training too.  This breed of dog will bring fun to any family with children.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

dogs kids 6 Best Dogs for Children

This is definitely one of the most popular pets in families and holds his place in the best dogs for children. They are short tailed, stocky dogs who just love romping with kids of between 6 to 7 years.


dogs kids 7 Best Dogs for Children

This black and white spotted guy may look bigger than those tiny toddlers of yours, but are never a threat around them.  Dalmatians are pure lovers of human beings and can be the most trusted friends for their families. With all that energy inside them, they are one of the easiest dog breeds to have fun with!

Basset Hound

dogs kids 8 Best Dogs for Children

A Basset Hound is also a great pick for children. They are very gentle, a bit dopey and sweet by nature but could get stubborn at times. They love children of all ages and can’t help getting their attention. They are also one of the best dogs for children that don’t shed and so they are probably one of the best dogs for children with allergies.

German Shepherd

dogs kids 9 Best Dogs for Children

This is yet another breed we recommend in our list, a breed which is not only loyal but also extremely protective about children. If they are well trained, you don’t need to bother about leaving your kids alone with them anytime. They have a very playful nature especially around kids of a younger ages.


dogs kids 10 Best Dogs for Children

How could we not mention Collies? They are the most perfect dogs that a family could ask for. They are gentle, predictable and easy to train, along with being the most easiest around children. They are also very protective about the families and love to play with kids of absolutely all ages.

Mixed-Breed Dogs:

There are many other dogs which are mix breeds and also make the most adorable family dogs one could have.  They are gentle, mostly quiet, protective and loyal and having them in the family is always great and thus, they are also the best dogs for kids. You can blindly trust many of the mix-bread dogs around your children anytime, but make sure you train them first.

With those beautiful animals to have around the house, I am sure you must now have a good idea about choices for the best dogs for your children. You can always trust these dog breeds, as they will never give up on their families and they will soon become great buddies to you and your family for a long time!

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11 Responses to “Best Dogs for Children”

  1. It is very important to own a dog that is good with kids so that they dont have bad experiences with them and hate or be scared of dogs for their whole life.

  2. AKAIK you’ve got the anwesr in one!

  3. I have a german shepherd i was a little nervous because i also have a 2 year old, but after having him i dont think i will ever get another breed of dog he is sooo loving and patient with her and he is constantly around other kids and he is so good and gentle with them and follows them around everywhere just watching after them. I am so glad i that i ended up getting him i could not ask fora better dog.

  4. I had a dog who was always loving and caring to me and my brother. She was a mix of a German Shepard and a Chow-chow. She was sooooooooo sweet.


    (I’m 9 years old)

  5. ya!!!!! it is very important to addopting a dog because dog is very kind and good for everyone so!!!!!!!!!!!!addopt adog right now I also have a dog labrador named rax THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  6. Larry ashurst 26. Dec, 2011 at 9:14 pm

    The best dog for children?? If you check the ‘Kennel club’. They recommend only two breeds. The Labrador and the Staffordshire bull terrier. The staffy isn’t the dog the media would have you think. They are loving. Totally trustworthy and great for kids. Any dog is dangerous in the wrong hands. It’s the owner, not the dog.

  7. Larry ashurst 26. Dec, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    What about the Staffy?

  8. My neighbours dog is a collie and is very vicious and I can’t walk out my door without being scared to death!

  9. OK You list a Basset Hound because “They are also one of the best dogs for children that don’t shed and so they are probably one of the best dogs for children with allergies.”

    That is FALSE!!!! I have 3 Basset Hounds and have had 2 Basset Hounds before, just because they are short haired dogs doesnt mean they dont shed. They shed bad!!! Dont believe what this article says!

    The fact that they list a Dalmation as one of the best breeds for childreen and also have it listed in the Most Dangerous Dogs category in the #1 spot tells you something about the person writing these articles

  10. Apologies, but whoever wrote about The Basset Hound clearly has never met on in their lives. They shed continuously and must be one of the worst dogs for Children with pet allergies, if not the coat then the biggest agrivator of allergies is dog drool and these are kings and queens of slobbery chops. We regrettably had to rehome our 5 yr old boy because he was making our daughter very sick with her allergies; we were very fortunate to find people we know to look after him. I think that the information on here needs to be more accurate so people do not go out and buy dogs that they think are good for sufferers of allergies, this will lead to many rehomes and rescues!!

  11. Sad PUGS has not been included in this list as they are very cute and easy to hang out with!

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